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Meet Amanda

Hey! Amanda here! I started my own photography business in 2007 after working in a portrait studio out in California where I'm from. I decided to move to the next phase of my career and pay it forward by teaching photography. I had a lot of requests from people to host a workshop and so the Art of Photography course was born.

But enough about that. You could read more about the course on other pages of this site. How about some fun facts about me! I love singing and writing music even though I'm awful at playing instruments. I have trouble putting books down once I open them (yes, I'm a book worm). My favorite TV show is I Love Lucy which my 6 year old daughter has also become quite obsessed with. I don't have a favorite color (it changes on an hourly basis). I love ethnic food and can be seen pretending to have my own cooking show in the kitchen with my kids as an audience. I love fashion accessories and am addicted to pinterest! And above all, God, and my husband and kids come first in my life.