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Why this Program beats others

  • Feedback from a real professional with real life experience, not some "text book geek" who's never even worked in the field.
  • This is a "real world" classroom environment designed for the beginner who wants to go pro.
  • Not just given info, but are applying the info you learn as you go through the class to make sure it's done right!
  • I give personal critiquing and feedback to you on images and business aesthetics. I take it a step further and have you redo a project to make sure you really "got it" and then I re-evaluate.
  • Conveniently accessed from your own home or any remote location you wish!
  • You don't have to figure out which content you need. I take the guess work out by giving you everything you need to know to start all in one course.
  • I make myself available to answer questions you might have.
  • Way less expensive than college classes. No hassle with advisors, pre-requisites, choosing a major, etc.
  • No long term committment required like some classes
  • I am your personal instructor, guide, critiquer, and mentor along the entire way. No switch-er-oos here.
  • You actually get something tangible to hold in your hands; not just some remote internet access.