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What kind of photo equipment do I need?You will need A DSLR camera with at least one lens (of course!). You will also need one external flash. That's it!

Do you offer a money back guarantee?Yes. If after the second class (but before the third) you feel this is not for you, then you can get a full refund.

How long does the program last?The program is made up of a 2 part class that lasts about 6 weeks. You can continue receiving mentoring as an option after the class.

How do I continue receiving mentoring after the program class ends?After completing the 6 week program, you may sign up for a monthly subscription. This option is only for those who completed the program. Subscriptions include monthly downloads, videos, tips, newsletters, etc. You can also opt for continued feedback and advice on your photography and business.

How much is the mentor subscription?Mentor subcriptions are $19 per month or $49 if you opt for continued feedback.

How do I pay?You can pay via credit card, check, or PayPal. Once you are ready to sign up, let me know your preferred payment mehod and I will set it up!

Will competitors from my market be enrolled in class with me?No. I understand you don't want competitors being aware of your behind the scenes questions and work. That is why no two photographers from the same state will be enrolled in the same program session.

Will this program guarantee success?While nobody can guarantee success (be wary of anyone who does), I can guarantee that you will have the resources and help you need to get your business started off on a better foundation. Like anything in life, you get what you put into it. Follow the advice I give you and you will see better results. Success is up to you. I just point you in the right direction of how to do that.

How do I "attend" the class?The class is a combination of videos and web meetings. We might even chat on the phone or exchange emails from time to time! The point is that you will be able to access content in the comfort of your own home and still have the ability to interact with me one on one.

How can this program help me after the class portion is over?The reason you get a video is so that you can go back and review the lesson material over and over. This helps you to improve and refine your skills over time and to work on what you need in order of priority. You can benefit from the instruction as long as you need and/or want to!

If this is a class with a begin and end date, how come you call it a "program"?It is a program because I'm interacting with you. I am not a teacher who is merely just giving information. I actually follow up with what you are doing and help you fine tune. Teachers just assign and grade and that's that. Mentors give continued direction until you get it right. You also have the option of continuing the correspondence through a mentor subscription if you so choose.

Will I be humiliated by feedback given to me in class?Absolutely not. There is a difference between constructive criticism and putting down. I believe encouragement breeds motivation and discouragement leads to failure. While you can't grow unless you are told how to work on weak points, you are never made to feel subpar. This is a very safe learning environment. Everyone has to start somewhere and all have room for improvement! Let the positive advice help you grow and be a fun challenge!

Can this course help me as much as a college class?Yes, and then some. College courses do not prepare you for real life application and are not always taught by people who have actually started and ran their own business. Each course is limited to one aspect and is slow moving, requiring numerous courses to learn basic material. This program isn't filled with "filler fluff". It gets to the point of what you need to know and includes it all in a NON overwhelming way. Plus, I know many big name photographers who never had college degrees in photography. I would even go so far as to say I have met some people who had a degree in photography and knew little compared to other professionals without degrees.